'PAN' mythological figure antique bookends MCCLELLAND BARCLAY

'PAN' mythological figure antique bookends MCCLELLAND BARCLAY
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  • Manufacturer: McClelland Barclay

Magnificent set of signed original bookends featuring the Pan the Greek God of nature and the wild,  shepherds and flocks, hunting, rustic music and companion of the nymphs.  This set was made by McClelland Barclay. Circa 1937. Each bookend stands 7" tall, 3 3/8" long, 2 7/8" wide and weighs 2 lbs. 7 oz. (4 lbs. 14 oz. for the pair).  They are in very good original condition with no breaks, repairs, or, touch-ups. This is an original set not the later sets that were reproduced by DODGE.  Authenticity is assured as they are signed McClelland Barclay.

McClelland Barclay (1891-1943) was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1891.  He was a noted American painter famous for among other things advertising and pin-art.  He did a series of advertisements for GM of the Fisher Body Girl.  In the 1930’s he was considered a superstar by Hollywood studios for his movie poster art.  He did not limity himself to painting, in the late 1930’s he opened a company to produce jewelry and utilitarian decorative arts items.  He named this company, McClelland Barclay Arts Products Corporation.  In June of 1938 he was appointed Assistant Naval Constructor with the US Naval Reserve. By 1940 he reported for active duty.  He wanted to be a front-line combat artist.  He was killed on July 18th, 1943 when the U.S.S. LST342 he was aboard was torpedoed in the Solomon Islands.  McClelland Barclay was awarded the Purple Heart Medal posthumously along with numerous other rewards.  

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