'FARMERETTE' Girl In Training antique bookends ARMOR BRONZE

'FARMERETTE' Girl In Training antique bookends ARMOR BRONZE
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  • Manufacturer: Armor Bronze

Darling set of bookends named FARMERETTE featuring a young girl carrying a basket.  This set was made by the Armor Bronze Company of New York.  Circa 1925.  The little girl is standing on a base that looks like a rock.  She's wearing a blue-green dress with a white square neck and mary-jane shoes.  On her arm is a basket which she holds comfortably at her side with her hand settled in a pocket of the dress.  Adorable.  Each bookend stands 7 1/2" tall, 3 1/4" long, 3" deep and weighs 2 lbs. 11 oz. (5 lbs. 6 oz. for the pair).  They are in very good original condition with no breaks, repairs, or, touch-ups.  Authenticity is assured as both are incised on the back:  FARMERETTE .

These antique bookends were made using the much coveted and highly collectible bronze-clad method of production which utilized electricity via an electrode built into the plaster mold of the subject piece.  There was a lot of preparation work involved.  Bronze was then electro-formed onto the plaster mold.  This was extremely innovative in the early 1900’s.   Unfortunately, it was also very costly for labor and materials.  Some bookends could take as long as three days to be completed.  Almost all of the companies went bankrupt.  However, they created some of the most detailed and sought after bookends we have today.  They're getting quite scarce to find in good condition since they are somewhat fragile. 

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