'FLAPPER MOON DANCE' antique art deco bookends CREATION CO.

'FLAPPER MOON DANCE' antique art deco bookends CREATION CO.
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  • Item #: 2643
  • Manufacturer: Creation Company

Very rare, magnificent set of original art deco antique bookends featuring a female flapper dancing inside a crescent moon. These are beautifully casted with a woman flapper dancing gaily with a scarf while appearing to hold a crescent moon. Fabulous set.  Each bookend stands 6" tall, 4 3/4" wide, 2 1/8" deep and weighs 1 lb. 11 oz. (3 lbs. 6 oz. for the pair).  They are in very good condition.  This set is made of solid cast iron with a bronze finish.  Authenticity is assured as the backs are marked COPR 1930 C. CO. 317.  Creation Company made some high quality bookends in the 1920's and 1930's.  All were made of cast iron and well designed.  They are hard to find and very collectible.

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