'YOUNG GIRL AFTER BATH' antique art deco bookends

'YOUNG GIRL AFTER BATH' antique art deco bookends
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Nicely detailed pair of large, heavy art deco antique bookends featuring a young girl lying down relaxing.  Circa 1930.  The little girl looks to have just gotten through bathing as she has on a loose fitting garment and a wrap around her head.  She is barefoot and looks content. Adorable.  The base is quite large serving as a platform for the cushions and pillows supporting her.  Each bookend stands 5 3/4" tall, 5 5/8" long, 3 1/4" wide and weighs 3 lbs. (6 lbs. for the pair).  They are in very good original condition with minor flaws.  They are made of metal with a brass finish on the girl and a dark brown finish on the base. 

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