'MODERNIST MERMAID' bookends brass mixed metals

'MODERNIST MERMAID' bookends brass mixed metals
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This extraordinary set of bookends features a mermaid who appears to be swiftly gliding through water.  The mermaid and part of the base layer are solid brass.  The rest is a silver metal.  The backplate is ribbed in narrow columns.  The brass bottom plate is ridged.  There is an etched column on the horizontal below the mermaid where the base and backplate meet.  The detailing is excellent.  This set is deceptively heavy.  Each bookend stands 6 5/8" tall, 3 3/4" wide, 2 1/4" deep and weighs 3 lbs. 2 oz. (6 lbs. 4 oz. for the pair).  They are in very good original condition.  The felt appears to be original, it is on the bottom and back of both.

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