'PUPPY LISTENING' antique cast iron bookends by LITTCO

'PUPPY LISTENING' antique cast iron bookends by LITTCO
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  • Item #: 2266
  • Manufacturer: Littlestown Hardware & Foundry LITTCO

Beautiful, heavy, old, original set of antique bookends featuring a puppy with it's head tilted and one ear up on alert listening. These were made of cast iron in the 1920's by Littlestown Hardware and Foundry in Littlestown, PA commonly known as LITTCO.  This nicely made, very heavy set of bookends featuring a puppy is an old original Littco product. Each bookend stands 5 3/8" tall, 4 3/8" long, 3 1/2" wide and weighs 3 lbs. 5 oz. (total set weight 6lbs. 10 oz.). They are in very good condition. This set was made using two molds, the base and the dogs. The dogs are screwed onto the base using round-head single-slotted screws. There are reproductions of this set that are always painted because they are made of cheap iron which can easily rust. The common colors of the reproductions are white dogs with green bases.  You can also tell when you hold them because the iron is smooth, almost soft feeling on the originals.  Reproductions are rough.

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