MAN SPILLING BOOKS antique bookends Kronheim & Oldenbusch

MAN SPILLING BOOKS antique bookends Kronheim & Oldenbusch
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  • Item #: 2649
  • Manufacturer: Kronheimer & Oldenbusch K&O

Whimsical set of old, original, signed, metal polychromed antique bookends by the Kronheim and Oldenbusch Company known as K and O Company depicting a man struggling to hold a tall stack of books. This set is from the 1920's - 30's.  Very humorous, nicely detailed, high quality set of Kronheim and Oldenbusch bookends. The man is unsuccessfully trying to carry a much too large stack of books, they have fallen, and, are falling down. He is a bald man dressed in formal attire. The polychromed books are colored blue, red, brown, and black. The polychrome finish on every book is intact and still glossy. Each bookend stands 6 1/4" tall, 4" long, 3" wide and weighs 2 lbs. 2 oz. (4 lbs. 4 oz. for the pair).  Both are signed on the rear with the K and O hallmark. They are in very good original condition with no breaks, repairs, or, touch-ups.  Kronheim and Oldenbusch made some of the most humorous and fun bookends of the early 20th century. They were a high quality metal arts foundry who made a variety of products including many different and original bookends. Of all the old American high quality collectible metal arts companies they are certainly the most prolific for creating fun and inventive forms for bookends. The artists working for them must have had great senses of humor along with tremendous talent.

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