'DACHSHUND' antique bookend expandable bookrack JUDD COMPANY

'DACHSHUND' antique bookend expandable bookrack JUDD COMPANY
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  • Item #: 2017
  • Manufacturer: Judd Company

This very rare, wonderful expandable bookrack features two dachshunds sitting companionably side-by-side.  They have excellent detailing. You can see they both have collars on. You can even discern the types of collars, one is a flat buckled collar, the other is a chain style. Both ends of the bookrack feature the two dachshunds. Each end plate measures 4 3/8" tall by 4 7/8" wide.  The bookrack expands from 8" to over 15". Authenticity is assured as both sides have the Judd serial number 9780 on the back.  This set is in very good condition.  The end plates are copper plated cast iron. The expanding connecting rods are made of brass.  Circa 1920.  Judd Company was from Connecticut and enjoyed a reputation for high quality metal arts objects. Today, these items are highly collectible and consistently gaining value. This bookrack is a fine example of the quality and attention to detail that made that company so popular.

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