'OLD WOMAN IN THE SHOE' antique bookends by DODGE, INC.

'OLD WOMAN IN THE SHOE' antique bookends by DODGE, INC.
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  • Item #: 2014
  • Manufacturer: Dodge, Inc.

Very rare and whimsical set of antique metal bookends depicting the well known nursery rhyme 'THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE, HAD SO MANY CHILDREN...' made by DODGE, INC. circa 1945. Look closely and you will see children peeking out from everywhere. One on the roof, climbing down from the roof, out of holes on the shoe, two in a doghouse dormer, from the laces, from a window like square, the mother is holding one. This set is beautifully designed with a polychrome finish. The white laundry on the clothesline 'pop' out at you. The chimney is red, the 'Old Lady's hat is yellow, the base finish is a combination of metal colors, bronze, copper and brass. Each bookend stands 5 1/2" tall, 5 3/4" wide, 2" deep and weighs 1 lb. 3 oz. They are in very good condition. This set was created in the 1940's. Authenticity is assured as both are signed 'DODGE, INC' on the back. Dodge, Inc. was best known as trophy maker, the most famous of the trophies being the 'Oscar' presented at the Academy Awards. Many of the bookends they created celebrated the 'Old West'. These were produced primarily in the 1940's which was a turning point in the bookend industry. By the end of the depression and wars many of the companies had closed their doors. A whole new style was created, many celebrating the 'Old West'.

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